Terms & Conditions

  • Taking care of your garments is our priority, while we treat all garments with utmost care; there is no guarantee against color loss, bleeding or shrinkage of garments.
  • InstaDry does not take the responsibility of deteriorated or flawed garments which could lead to small holes or tears during the washing procedure.
  • For any item deemed lost or damaged, InstaDry may reimburse by paying up to 10 times the cost of cleaning the item. This is regardless of the brand, price or condition in which the garment was given for wash.
  • Our best efforts are to return orders on time, but certain unavoidable situations may lead to an extension in delivery time. The customer shall be timely informed of any such delay in processing his/her order.
  • InstaDry does not hold responsibility of garments not availed within 2 months of date of order.
  • All disputes are subject to jurisdiction in Raipur courts.